Celebrity Borrowed Items

March 29, 2016

gwenIf you ever follow celebrity news, especially around awards season, you’ll know that they get sent as well as borrow a lot of jewelry.  Some of them purchase it but most of them borrow pieces that are worth thousands of dollars.  The stylists of the celebrities generally collaborate with a jewelry designer like Harry Winston or Neil Lane to come up with a contract or insurance policy that both parties agree to.  Depending on the jeweler, sometimes the piece of jewelry may be on loan for a couple of days that can extend to months or sometimes it might just be on loan for one night.  Oftentimes, if the piece is extremely expensive, security details may be applied to make sure that it doesn’t get lost or stolen.

There are many celebrities who have “lost” or returned the pieces in poor condition.  Lindsay Lohan is a big one that most designers refuse to lend any of their items, not just related to jewelry but clothes and accessories as well.  Mariah Carey has also returned pieces in very bad condition.

The jewelry designers who lend their pieces are extremely proud of their work because it’s usually one of a kind or very unique.  Imagine being a celebrity going to the Oscars and being able to wear a ring that was made from meteorite.  Being a stylist would also be an amazing job too.  Of course, you might once in a while have to match an outfit to stretchable medical alert bracelets for safety reasons, but you’d still be able to pick out the proper jewelry and accessories to either hide it or make it look better.

There are many benefits of borrowing jewelry pieces from designers.  You’re able to wear thousands of dollars of jewels without paying for it and for the designer, they get free publicity from the client wearing their designs.  It’s an even bigger deal at big award shows like the Oscars or Grammys especially if the person you lent your pieces to wins.  That’s countless photos and millions of people looking at your jewelry when the celebrity is standing onstage accepting their award.

So if you ever have a chance to borrow jewelry or even clothes and accessories, go for it.  Just make sure to return it in proper condition and not to lose anything.

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